Ro Network
Data Policy

How we collect your data

We Do Not Store Your Contacts Info

We do not store the contacts you share via the Ro app. Those get added directly to the recipient phone's native Contacts list.

We Do Not Sell Your Data To Anyone

We don't even store anything that we conceivably could sell.

In the future, if we are going to connect you to other companies, in any sort of relationship, you can be sure that it would be only with your full consent.

What Happens To Your Contacts If Ro Goes Away?

The contacts that you've shared or received through Ro will not be affected if you delete the app, or if Ro goes away as a company, because they're just stored in your regular native phone Contacts list.

What Statistics Do We Track?

    Total number of app installs (on each mobile platform)
    Total number of times the app re-opens (beyond the first install)
    Total number of QR code scans
    Total number of app uninstalls

What we're hoping to track in the near future:

Finer-grained app usage (the number of times each screen on the app gets viewed)

Any Other Questions

We know how important data privacy is to you.

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